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As the denatured mom would tell his child yet unable to keep his balance and however trying its first steps: - You will begin to walk when you are able to stand on your legs. Learn first! No, it is not by theoretical lessons, or even by eminent examples we could give them, much less by our own example that we have not always to be proud, we prepare our children take control of their own destiny: it is necessary, as for the people, the bracing climate of self-determination, with his doubts and risks, but also with its impulses and enthusiasm and certainty of access by this way the dignity of their office men.

But tell us do you, it is true that children, physiologically speaking, do not have basic maturity could establish their self-determination. As it is true that the bird can not fly as feathers have not flourished in displaying their gauzy egrets. This does not justify that we must oppose, in the name of our science and our experience in the first quivering of wings, to the harmonious growth of their mind and body, a prelude to their first flight.