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Diwali Calories

With diwali just coming up, iam sure there is a lot of confusion about what to eat as everything is loaded with calories. Well Iam going to make it easier for you, here is a list of “diwali calories” as I call it. Take a look.

Indian sweets

 2 pieces Gujia 300 calories

2 pieces Gulab Jamun 350 calories

1 bowl Halwa (rawa) 181 calories

1 bowl Halwa (sohan halwa) 399 calories

3-4 pieces Jalebi 494 calories

1 bowl Kheer (rice) 147 calories

2 pieces Sandesh  80 calories

2 pieces Patisa- 280 calories

2 pieces Rasmalai- 320 calories

2 pieces Khoya burfi- 300 calories

2 pieces Cocobut burfi- 387 calories

2 pieces Ghia burfi- 332 calories

2 pieces kaju burfi-320 calories

2 pieces Chocolate burfi-240 calories

50 gm Chenna murki- 260 calories

2 pieces Milkcake- 450 calories

2 pieces Besan ladoos- 340 calories

2 pieces Boondi ladoo- 410 calories

2 pieces Rasgulla- 300 calories


 ½ cup Almonds-400 calories

½ cup Kaju- 392 calories

½ cup Pistachios- 320 calories

½ cup Walnuts- 450 calories

100 gm Khajur( fresh)- 140 calories

So here is what you normally feast on during diwali. Do let me know if you want calorie content of any other food stuffs..,I would be glad to help.

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  • bornprincess
    October 4, 2012

    Thank you soo much for this valuable information….I don’t know why I didn’t find it on the net in the past years but I have always been in confusion when searching for calories in Indian sweets….most of the times they were either under rated or over rated………but this calorie estimation seems reasonable….especially for rava halwa (every site said it contains 400-500 cals, but I was sure that it cudn’t be so high)!

    Thanks again!

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