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Do You Feel Fatigued, Bloated, Sleepy or Heavy All The Time? Is Your Weight Loss Too Slow? Focus A Little On Your Digestion

Digestion is one of the most important functions in our body and strangely we do not quite acknowledge it. Responsible for filtering nutrients from toxins in the body, this system is quite undermined actually. Waking up groggy eyed, mood swings, slow weight loss, feeling tired, bloated and constipated are a few symptoms of an irregular digestion. It is all about give and take as they say….a problem in your digestion can show up some place else. Take a look at the intricate linking system.

  • Poor digestion leads to low iron absorption which makes you feel tired and fatigued.
  • A lowered metabolism is also linked to a poor digestion.
  • Since the body does not get it’s stock of nutrients, it loses it’s full ability to fight diseases and virus.
  • Irregular or poor digestion leads to toxin retention in the body. Your pimples and dull dry skin could be related to that.
  • Water retention is another link to poor digestion.

 Try these tips to rev up your digestion

  1.  Drink up– To function effectively, your digestive system needs water. If you don’t drink enough water, your intestine walls will get weakened. This in turn will affect your digestive functions. You should drink at least 8-12 glasses of water everyday. Go low on caffeine like coffee and tea. Instead have low calorie, non caffeinated beverages like soups, lassi etc.
  2. Eat small– Eating frequent small meals is recommended in case of a poor digestion. Here’s why; when you are hungry, the brain sends a signal to the stomach informing the same. If you don’t eat at that time and eat a big meal later you tend to feel bloated and gassy. Eating small meals keeps you full day long and keeps to light and active.
  3. Say yes to breakfast– Acknowledge the first meal of the day to the fullest. Start your day with a healthy and wholesome breakfast. Include whole wheat, fruits and milk in your breakfast to keep those energy levels going for the day.
  4.  Munch on fruits and veggies– Include fruits and vegetables of different colours in your diet. They are rich in anti-oxidants which help fighting infection and increase immunity.
  5. Go whole-. Whole grains like wheat are a great source of fibre. Include whole cereals in your diet instead of refined ones to avoid constipation.
  6. Keep spices low– Spicy food triggers acidity. So it is best to eat mildly spiced food.
  7. Go low on fats– Eat less amount of foods laden with ghee and butter like pakodas, poories etc. Since these foods are high in fat, they take a longer time to get digested and make you feel heavy and lethargic.
  8. Check the temperature– Experts suggest eating foods a bit warmer than room temperature for good digestion. Too hot or too cold foods affect the digestive capability.
  9. Chew up– “Eat slowly and chew your food” that’s what our granny’s used to tell us. Well they were right, eating too fast leads to gas and acidity.
  10. Move a little– A little bit of walking is good after a meal. It aids in digestion.
  11. Sleep well– Getting a good night’s sleep is important for a healthy digestion.
  12. Manage stress– Stress directs the blood flow from the stomach to the organs which can hamper effective digestion.
  13. Watch out for antibiotics– Having too many antibiotics kills the good bacteria which sit in your intestines. This leads to poor digestion.

 Recipes for healthy digestion

  •  Try munching carom seeds ( ajwain) or fennel seeds( saunf) after a meal for digestion.
  • Curd is a wonderful antacid and is known to curb acidity. Include curd in your meals for a soothing effect.
  • Add lemon juice to your dals and veggies for a active digestion

Go to the very core of your body for a few answers. All your problems like fatigue, skin problems etc, are related to digestion. By simply making a few changes can see a meltdown to a fresher and healthier you.

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  • parkerhealthsolutions
    October 14, 2008

    another solution is to take whole food supplements to gain digestive enzymes. cooking and processing foods deplete a food source of it’s natural digestive enzymes. those enzymes along with the ones occurring within your gut help the body break down foods and utilize the nutrition within them while eliminating what is not needed. Great article! Keep it up!

  • aloofries
    October 15, 2008

    Yes, i agree with you, that’s a great point. Our cooking methods are not quite palatable with the food enzymes. A product which can provide the necessary nutrient enzymes helpful in digestion is truely the need of the moment. Thanku for your suggestion..i’ll put this up in my post.

  • Rhonda
    August 2, 2009

    Hi, I too have this bloating problem every time i eat. I will admit I do overeat sometimes but even when i don’t i get bloated really bad. I even feel bloated when i get up in the mornings before i eat anything. Everything that I am reading is pointing me to ibs or colitis but i really don’t know what to do about it. I mean should I go to the Dr. What kinds of meds would help this. I am also being treated for acid reflux and I also had an ulcer about 7 years ago.

    • jess
      March 2, 2010

      Hey Rhonda,

      I’ve had ulcers and I have also been diagnozed with IBS recently. for ibs they can give you anxiety meds. DONT freak out. if you are under alot of stress and are prone to over thinking things or being anxious all the time, it will effect your digestion. I have acid reflux as well…

      I used to feel bloated constantly- but It’s less painful and getting better. I think my weight issues might be related to enzymes and stuff. I’m not sure.

      Anyways- it might be anxiety. If you are in an unhealthy relationship, being controlled, or if you have people in your life that you haven’t forgiven for hurting you, this can hurt our bodies as well. Relationships are at our core. Dont underestimate, and dont be afraid to go to doctors and get meds! it helps!!!

      • Victoria
        July 21, 2012

        Fab post I totally agree with everything you have said. I have suffered from IBS for a few years now and am bloated and tired ALL the time. But I am a worrier and stress about things and have had problems with a lot of my friends so I totally agree it’s all linked.

        However, I am now concerned that the damage has been done, and I will never again be back to normal. I seem to have been really bad these past few weeks – I’m so tired and bloated I can’t move, even getting dressed is a chore. Any tips to help?!? Vicky.

  • hermelinda
    July 22, 2010

    this website really helped. read this.

  • ray murden
    May 20, 2012

    Thank-you for that info…i also dealt reflux…..what can i naturally to do,to stop it


    • aloofries
      August 24, 2012

      let your system tell you. Keep it slow, chew your food well. Eat every few hours but very little. You can try home remedies like chewing a few carom seeds , it helps.

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