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Blood Type Diet For Weight Loss-An Overview

Confused about what diet is best for you, here’s a review on the famous “Blood Type” diet.Devised by Dr Peter D’Adamo and his father, this diet changed the way the world ate.According to Dr Peter, there is a connection between our blood type and the food we eat.The chemical reactions between the blood and the foods you eat affect your body constitution,energy levels and weight.So if your weight loss program is a bit slow, try revving it up with the foods compatible with your blood type. Here’s an overview of the diet.
Blood Type A: A high carb low fat vegan diet is ideally suited for this blood type.Include fruits, veggies and avoid dairy and animal fats to get the maximum benefit from this diet.Due to low stomach acid , you tend to have trouble digesting meat.Instead load up on legumes, beansĀ and tofu to keep those protein levels high.Light exercises with mediationĀ is recommended for this blood group.
Blood Type B: With this group you can have a variety of foods.Include fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and grains in your diet to keep your diet balanced.Chicken, corn, buckwheat,sesame seeds and lentils should be avoided as they make you feel bloated and heavy.Tomatoes should also be avoided as they irritate your stomach lining. A moderate exercise like walking or swimming is recommended.
Blood Type AB: You are lucky as you can have most of the foods from the A and B group.Chicken and corn should be avoided due to your low stomach acid levels.It is very important to detoxify your system, so have a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach to keep your system fresh. Relaxation and calming exercises such as yoga is recommended.
Blood Type O: A high protein low cab diet with a good intake of fruits and vegetables is recommended for you.Wheat,other grains, dairy and nuts should be avoided to lose weight.High intensity vigorous exercise is recommended .
Blood group diet is a scientifically proven diet management system. However it may get a bit difficult to follow in the long run. So if you are up to it, then keep the monotony and the strictness in mind.

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