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Are You A Seasonal Food Junkie?

¬†There comes a time in a year when you let go of the raging hungry bull and eat all to your heart’s desire, shutting that every intuitive nerve in your body that says” don’t eat that”.Well what should i call you, i think seasonal foodies. Yes, the amount you eat and what you eat partly depends on the time of the year also. Though most people go overboard in winters, there are some who gorge on their favourite ice-cream in summers.The outcome of this is actually not a very enthralling experience though.Then begins a cycle of gain-depression-eating-gain-depression.Most of the obese people are stuck in this cyclic ritual, looking out for help.The answer is “simple”, yes simple eating.Here’s how

  • Keep your high calorie food intake to moderate.
  • Try eating as simple as possible.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods but do justice to your body also.
  • Exercise to burn off that extra flab.

Try these tips if you feel a weather or a season affects you, the effect will amaze you.

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