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5 Tips On How To Shed Kilos After Navratras

So you decided to feast during navratras, and have packed up a few kilos. The main dilemma now is, how to this lose weight with dusshera and diwali just around the corner. Here are a few tips which iam sure can help you out.

  1. If all you have eaten during the navratras is kuttu ka atta, potatoes, ghee, kheer etc, then after the ashthami it is time to detoxify. Kuttu ka atta is very heavy for the system, so a feeling of fullness and acidity are common symptoms. It is best to flush out all the toxins from your body by going total fruit for a day after the navratras. This will make you feel lighter, fresh and of course start your slimming process.
  2. Drink up as much of water as you can, this miracle drink can work wonders for your weight loss.
  3. Keep your breakfast light and fresh. Include a lot of fruits to your day starter.
  4. Avoid having roti, rice, pasta or bread for dinner for about 3-4 days a week. Stick to a bowl of clear soup or even better curd with cucumber (no salt added). The cutting out of salt lowers the water retention and the bloated up feeling you get in the mornings.
  5. Go high protein ( see the high protein low carb diet post) for a day and a half about 3-4 days after the navratras to burn those fat stores.

A very important thing not to miss is to move around a bit. The saying no pain no gain, is actually true when it comes to weight loss. You must workout for about 20-25 minutes daily apart from following these tips. You can easily shed about 1- 2 kilos in a week if you follow these suggestions along with a little exercise. These tips work as a metabolism booster which becomes a bit sluggish owing to eating heavy and fried foods during the navratras. It always work for me, hope it work for you too. Happy slimming!

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