Meal Planning- Key To Successful Weight Loss

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Meal Planning- Key To Successful Weight Loss

How many times have you picked up a diet coke over a regular one or sugar free biscuits over cream ones? The answer is innumerable times. And how much of these low fat products have you actually consumed? The answer is you have wasted most of them. The fact is that the” low fat” phrase attracts most of us and we do not think beyond it. In the lure of eating more of our favorite foods we look for various low calorie options, only to fool ourselves. The outcome is worse in fact, we end up eating more of the “low calorie” foods which makes the calorie consumption even higher than its normal counterpart. Your intake of 1 cream biscuit triples to 3 sugar free biscuits over tea. A very common example being using low fat butter in full swing as compared to normal butter. The only difference being that the low fat butter is lower in cholesterol, there is no difference in calories if we see the two. A sensible way to have your cake and eat it too, is to consume everything but in moderation. Eat your sweets, the real one not sugar free versions, but the trick is to know when to stop. After having one piece of cake, stop and think ” do i actually want to eat the second piece?”. Believe me that small decision of yours will make you so proud of yourself. Trust your instincts to tell you when, what and how much to eat.

If you are a late riser try waking an hour earlier, you will have your breakfast at leisure. If you are a binge bird, maybe you do not eat your meals well or probably stress beats you down every time. Maintaining a diet log also helps as you will know the pattern in which you fall. Some are too busy to eat in the mornings so they overeat in the evenings and some do everything correct till lunch and then comes the tea and samosa break. You will be surprised to find out the simple patterns we get stuck in and then stress about gaining weight. Once you find out your eating cycle you will be more relaxed and sorted when it comes to eating .Management is the key to a fit life. Plan your meals in advance, make a weekly menu. this will ensure you eat foods that are healthy and nutritious. Also your taste buds will be jerked to eat right. A bonus,you can also include your favourite food or a glass of wine over the weekend. So plan right , eat right and stay healthy.

My name is Richa Bhatnagar and I am a dietician by profession. I have my own practice in India. I consult all those eager to get healthy and fit. The Chinese call it Zen, the soul, where you belong. I would say for me it's helping others to get healthy. Dedication and knowledge are the two tools I go by. I hope my blog clears out doubts, raises questions, and gives out helpful information.

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