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Breathe to lose weight

If you have been doing everything right to lose weight and still can’t, then try breathing better. Breath is life’s amazing gift to us. Our body’s functioning is interconnected by the way we breathe. The best way to breathe is in a flow, where all the organs are a part of the process. To watch a demo observe how a baby breathes, that is the correct way to breathe.

Breathing influences your ability to lose or gain weight. Yes, its true sometimes not breathing properly can make you put on weight. Here’s a theory backing it up. Professor Richard Muller has a say on the physics of gluttony.

“Let me address this issue by invoking another physics principle: conservation of mass. More specifically, let me talk about the conservation of carbon atoms. When you digest food, its carbon atoms enter your blood. Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight. But here is the salient observation: the only effective way your body has to get rid of digested carbon is to combine it with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, and then expel it through your lungs. Unless you breathe out the carbon, you gain weight.”

Here are some numbers, taken from books on exercise physiology. Fat, protein, and sugar all contain about 0.1 gram of carbon per food calorie consumed. So if you digest 2,000 calories of food (a typical daily diet for adults) then you take in about 200 grams of carbon. At rest, each breath exhales about 0.5 litre of air containing about 1 percent carbon, for about five milligrams per breath. After a day at 12 breaths per minute, you get rid of about 120 grams of carbon. That’s less than you ate, so you’ll gain weight.

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Breathing not only affects your metabolism but also your mood, sleep patterns, energy levels and skin conditions. The belly breathing or the Pranayam, is the need of the hour to cut out stress and improve the quality of life. Deep breathing for even about 10 minutes a day zings your system up. So take out 10 minutes a day to breathe and watch the scale go down.

My name is Richa Bhatnagar and I am a dietician by profession. I have my own practice in India. I consult all those eager to get healthy and fit. The Chinese call it Zen, the soul, where you belong. I would say for me it's helping others to get healthy. Dedication and knowledge are the two tools I go by. I hope my blog clears out doubts, raises questions, and gives out helpful information.

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