Why Drinking Alcohol Makes You Put On Weight?

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Why Drinking Alcohol Makes You Put On Weight?

Alcohol is considered one bad apple when it comes to weight loss. Well let’s have a few facts marked and the association between fat and alcohol more sorted out. I will get a bit technical here, however i will try to keep it as simple as possible.

It is the body’s nature to extract energy out of everything that we eat or drink. When you eat food it is converted to glucose which is the primary source of energy in the body. However when you drink alcohol it is converted into acetate and not glucose in the body. Now since it the body’s behaviour to fuel itself, it uses the acetate to get energy. Take a look at the energy provided by the different macro nutrients and alcohol.

1gm carbohydrate- 4 kcal

1 gm protein-4kcal

1 gm fat- 9 kcal

1gm alcohol- 7 kcal

Nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals can be stored in the body to be used later unlike alcohol. So when you consume alcohol it is given preference over other nutrients to be used as energy. For example if you have 3 large pegs of vodka with sprite(630 calories)+ a handful of french fries(200 calories)+ 3 teaspoons peanuts(147 calories)+ salad(60 calories), the body will use acetate from the alcohol for energy and not breakdown the carbs and fat from the french fries, peanuts and salad. The carbs and fat get stored in the body as fat which further slows down the metabolism. Though the body is getting it’s quota of energy, the effects are not so energising though. Alcohol provides the body with empty calories which leave you tired, irritable and fatigued at the end. Further more acetate is an appetite stimulant and is the major cause why people tend to overeat while drinking….another reason for weight gain.

Apart from alcohol, the overall calories make all the difference when it comes to weight loss. Though alcohol definitely plays a major part in slowing down the weight loss process, but it may not be the only reason contributing to your weight gain. Have a review of how much are you eating with your drinks, you’ll get a much clearer picture. Though alcohol has got a pretty bad reputation, it’s not as bad they call it. Alcoholic beverages like wine and beers have proven to have health benefits. Your occasional drink may actually be good for your body, so enjoy it but in moderation, it’ll keep your weight under check and heart healthy.

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