Wholesome Health- 10 Ways To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

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Wholesome Health- 10 Ways To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

The concept of being fat and incomplete is ingrained in our system, that for a majority of us, being happy is linked to having a good body or a certain number on the weighing scale. We forget these are not the parameters for good health. You are not healthy if you are your ideal body weight, but you lead an erratic lifestyle, indulge in regular alcohol or smoking.

However, society and social media have made body-shaming culture popular for overweight people. On the contrary, if you are slim but are a regular smoker, you are excused. They have an understanding of this habit. But if you are overweight, successful, teetotaller- you are labeled fat, ignoring everything good about you. Sad but true, the fact is that we lose weight to be treated better and for acceptance in the “normal” society. Yes, the excess weight comes with health issues, but then health is also affected by alcohol, smoking, and bullying. We live in a bully society where compassion and understanding are just terms that people throw at each other while forgetting an underlying meaning.

I would suggest to all those trying to shed weight or have tried and failed many times; focus on your whole health. Be kind to yourself and be proud of the small steps that you take to improve your health. The mind-body connection does work. If you think you are healthy without begrudging your body, you will find the motivation and the wisdom to take the right action towards that healthy and beautiful body.

Here’s what being healthy means;

  1. Picking up an exercise/sport ( initially reluctantly sometimes) and enjoying it.
  2. Read, research about food, and make good nourishing food a part of your lifestyle.
  3. Never go on a diet. 
  4. Never miss out on your favorite foods. Experiment, explore, and learn ways to make high-calorie foods healthier.
  5. Measure your progress with your strength, blood work, sleep, and your attitude towards your body.
  6. Understanding that you are constantly working on yourself. There is no end to it.
  7. Accepting that falling off a good workout and eating routine is okay. Just get up, dust yourself, and start again.
  8. Not comparing your progress with anyone else. Your body is unique, so is everyone else’s.
  9. Unconditionally respecting your body. You can move around, breathe, digest- it’s a miracle.
  10. Giving your body the rest it requires.

Let’s start a new movement of wholesome health, where your size does not define your health. A curious mind, an active body, and a beautiful palate of flavors are all you need to be happy.

My name is Richa Bhatnagar and I am a dietician by profession. I have my own practice in India. I consult all those eager to get healthy and fit. The Chinese call it Zen, the soul, where you belong. I would say for me it's helping others to get healthy. Dedication and knowledge are the two tools I go by. I hope my blog clears out doubts, raises questions, and gives out helpful information.

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