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The festival season is just round the corner with the navratras leading it on.The divine smell of fried potatoes, kheer, kuttu poories and pakoras is truly irresistable.However on the contrary the amount you eat during these nine days stays on the weighing scale for quite some time.Well i have a suggestion , why not eat everything without putting on kilos. The simple art of substitution is all that is called for here. You just need to do a bit of swapping and play around with food. Here's how  Avoid deep frying the potatoes instead boil or bake them when making vegetables. Instead

If you are starting a weight loss program and are unsure about how to eat or rather how much to eat, then here is some help. As I have mentioned earlier in my posts, losing weight is a bit of science and a lot of smartness. The normal recommended calorie intake for Indians is approx 2000-2200 calories for women and about 2400-2700 for men. However if we look at it we never tend to eat that much in our regular days except for when we indulge in outside food. So a healthy eating pattern does not govern this recommended calorie intake. If